Whole Foods Goes Big in Boston


Whole Foods South End fish counter

The fish counter at the new Whole Foods Market Ink Block in Boston’s South End.


Boston has a new 50,000-square-foot Whole Foods Market in the South End that incorporates pieces of Boston history, yet looks nothing like Boston. Continue reading

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Celebrating Food Day Two Ways

Food Day logoIf you share my belief that everyone should have access to healthy, tasty, safe, affordable food, then every day is “food day,” but I still look forward to the national observation of Food Day on and around October 24 each year. It’s a great opportunity to learn about what other people are doing to make good food more available.

Phfeast founder Dan Napierski

Phfast founder Dan Napierski

I celebrated Food Day 2014 two ways. I wrote two posts for the Massachusetts Food Day blog: one on two great Boston food festivals and one on an innovative food philanthropy program called Phfeast. And I attended two events (with more than 8,000 events nationally and hundreds in Massachusetts, there were plenty to choose from): Babson Food Day on October 23 and a “Food as Medicine” symposium on October 30. Here are a few highlights. Continue reading

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Hot Day in September for Boston Local Food

Kraut Mob at Boston Fermentation Festival

The “Kraut Mob” at the 2nd Annual Boston Fermentation Festival provided a hands-on opportunity to learn to make sauerkraut and take a jar home.

September 27, 2014 may go down in history–literally–as a hot day for Boston local food. The thermometer hit 80 degrees as a blazing September sun shone on the second annual Boston Fermentation Festival and the third annual Let’s Talk About Food Festival. Each of the festivals attracted a bustling crowd eager to learn, talk about, and, of course, eat local food and drink. It took some doing, but I managed to “sandwich” both events into my day. Continue reading

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Help Families in Need to Dine Out with Dignity

Phfeast founder Dan Napierski at Mass Foodie Night

Phfeast founder Dan Napierski at Mass Innovation Nights Foodie #7

As someone who loves growing, cooking, eating, and sharing healthy local food, I’m always looking for ways to pass along my latest and greatest find. So I was excited to meet Dan Napierski at the recent Mass Innovation Nights Foodie #7 and learn about Phfeast, his innovative new food philanthropy program. (Get it? Philanthropy + food = Phfeast!) Continue reading

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Paris Pastry and My David Lebovitz Obsession

Paris Pastry AppIf the coming of September has made you start daydreaming about your next fabulous trip (I’m talking to you, Julia S.), here’s a little app to help feed your fantasies: the Paris Pastry Guide. Available on the iPhone App Store, it’s only $.99 (there’s even a limited free version).  The descriptions will make you drool. Continue reading

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Tasting a Bite of Barcelona



La Boqueria Market

Garden of delights at La Boqueria Market in Barcelona

Barcelona is known as a foodie paradise. I expected to love the food there, but my eating experiences on a recent vacation were decidedly mixed. Continue reading

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New Crop of Food Entrepreneurs Are Hungry For Funds

Greater Boston Slow Money Entrepreneurs ShowcaseSlow Money Boston logoSlow Money Boston showcased another exciting crop of food-related entrepreneurs in Cambridge on April 29, 2014.  As always, the entrepreneurs seeking funds were an eclectic bunch, including two farmers, a fermented beverages coop, a grass-fed beef jerky producer, a compost company, and a group building a meat processing facility. Continue reading

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Not Whooping for Wegmans Yet

wegmanslogowtag_largeColorEast coast supermarket chain Wegmans opened its first Boston-area store this morning in Chestnut Hill, Mass., to the ecstatic delight of many shoppers. While I’m intrigued by what they offer,  I’m not ready to sign up for the Wegmans cult just yet. Continue reading

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Wrap-up: Traceability is the New Black

I promise, I won't leave a trace.

I promise, I won’t leave a trace.

As I wandered through the aisles of this year’s Seafood Expo North America, I was surprised but encouraged to see the word “traceable” displayed alongside the word “sustainable” on many booths. Continue reading

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Doing Aquaculture Better

Regal Springs TalipiaAs a pescovegetarian, fish is a huge part of my diet. While I try to eat locally caught fresh fish whenever I can, I know that the oceans cannot sustainably produce enough seafood to supply the escalating demand for protein around the world.  Fortunately, a growing number of farmed fish producers are developing more environmentally and socially approaches to aquaculture. Continue reading

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