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Please Don’t Eat the Yucca

Yuccas have to be one of the most improbable, delightful plants in New England. While they look like something you’d see in the New Mexico desert, they’re actually quite common here.

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Lack of Seed Spuds is No Small Potatoes

Ever since my sister Louise gave Michelle and me a membership to the Potato of the Month club, I’ve fantasized about growing my own potatoes.  Potatoes are just about the most versatile foods in the world – it’s hard to … Continue reading

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The Great (Garlic) E-Scape

Unless you grow your own garlic, garlic scapes are one of those oddities that you only see at farmers’ markets.  Garlic scapes are deep green, like the dark portion of scallions, but curl around like French Horns. While not nearly … Continue reading

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I’d like to “berry” you in local strawberries

Wow, I just picked up my first local strawberries of the season yesterday and I can’t believe how different they are from the ones the Boston supermarkets have been hawking!  I went to the Jamaica Plain Farmer’s Market in the Bank of America … Continue reading

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