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Heirloom Beans: More Than A Hill of Beans

Until recently, if you’d asked me if I’d be willing to pay $7 or $8 a pound for a bag of dried beans, I’d have said, “Are you kidding? Why pay that much for something you can pick up at … Continue reading

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Can Institutional Food Be Tasty and Healthy?

Given the low rates that public institutions–such as schools, elder care facilities, and child care centers–are able to pay, is it possible to produce institutional meals that taste good and are good for you? City Fresh Foods founder Glynn Lloyd … Continue reading

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A “Poached” Pair of Poached Pear Recipes

This week, I had the opportunity to “poach” a pair of poached pear recipes from two distinguished sources, chef Didi Emmons and Cook’s Illustrated. Michelle and I made the first poached pear recipe at a cooking class at Haley House, … Continue reading

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How to (Not) Cook Kale

I finally get it.  The secret to cooking kale is not to cook it. I enjoy eating most types of greens, and I cook most of them the same way. I rinse them really well because they can often be … Continue reading

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