Candied Salmon Strips, Salted Herring, and Seafood Pasta

Intercambio Smoked Salted HerringAs a seafood-eating vegetarian, I usually have to be very careful about asking if foods contain any meat. So one of the many things I love about coming to the Seafood Expo is being able to eat almost anything displayed! (I do have to watch out for bacon-wrapped scallops and the odd bit of alligator here and there.)

I was so busy blogging and tweeting that I didn’t have as much time to sample as much as I wanted. For example, I never made it to High Liner Foods to taste their Flame-Seared Guinness & Barbecue Glazed Atlantic Salmon, which won the Seafood Excellence “Best New Foodservice” award at this year’s show.

True North Salmon Candied StripsFortunately, I did manage to try some things that I truly loved. My favorite has to be the True North Hot Smoked Candied Strips.  I normally don’t go for super sweet stuff, but I found the combination of sweet, smoky and salmon flavors to be irresistible.  I was also impressed by True North’s commitment to raising sustainable and traceable farmed Atlantic Salmon. No wonder they’ve managed to recruit Chef Rick Moonen as their brand ambassador!

Pasta del MARAnother one of my faves was Gradient Aquaculture’s“Pasta del MAR.” One of the ten Seafood Excellence finalists, these seafood-enriched noodles are made with MSC-certified Alaskan Pollock. There are three flavored packages and one plain one.  I thought the noodles had a nice chewy texture and would be great for a meal, with or without added seafood. Great way to get someone who doesn’t love fish to eat more of it.

I also enjoyed my taste of Intercambio’s smoked salted herring (pictured on top, photo courtesy Intercambio).  Intensely salty, it packed a lot of flavor into a tiny cube.  I could easily imagine eating this herring over a pint.

Chef Alain Bosse of Prince Edward Aqual FarmsPrince Edward Aqua Farms. I wrote about Aqua Farms in a previous round-up because I loved their sweet plump mussels and their environmental practices.  Chef Alain Bosse served a Sweet Maple Curried Mussels dish at this year’s show that was truly delicious.

Blue Island Oyster CompanyFinally, I was charmed by the guys at Blue Island Oyster Company, who answered my questions about oysters and shucked one of their namesake “Naked Cowboy” oysters for me, even though they weren’t serving samples anymore. Thanks for satisfying my oyster craving, guys!

So many exhibitors, so little time!  Already looking forward to meeting new vendors and tasting new treats next year.



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