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Three Local Foods to Enjoy This Winter

Eating local food in winter is—literally—a pale comparison to the bounties of spring, summer, and fall—but here’s a trio of things I’m enjoying this winter: The Neighborhood Farm’s dry shelling beans, Pete & Gerry’s Organic Eggs, and alFreshCo’s Locally Sourced … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Black Beans Worth Crowing About

For many years, I’ve been enjoying the black beans at one of my favorite restaurants, Centre Street Café.  They have a wonderful smoky flavor, but there was a certain something—a little kick—that I just couldn’t place. Recently, I learned the … Continue reading

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Can Institutional Food Be Tasty and Healthy?

Given the low rates that public institutions–such as schools, elder care facilities, and child care centers–are able to pay, is it possible to produce institutional meals that taste good and are good for you? City Fresh Foods founder Glynn Lloyd … Continue reading

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Boston Local Food Festival Brings Bostonians Together to Meet and Eat

The Boston Local Food Festival on Saturday, October 2 was a mashup of people and food on Boston’s waterfront by the Children’s Museum. The event—a first for Boston—brought farmers, fisherfolk, restaurateurs, artisanal food producers, and eaters from the Boston area … Continue reading

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Boston Local Food Festival on October 2 Will Be a Love Fest for Food-Lovers

Food is love, as far as I’m concerned.  There is no better way to show your love for family, friends, community, your community and the planet than through what you buy, cook and eat. As a fish-eating vegetarian, I’ve always … Continue reading

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Is Local Food in a Pickle?

Interest in local foods is starting to spread faster than mint in a garden.  Despite the growing demand, the folks who make and sell local foods are often in a pickle: how can they produce and deliver fresh local foods … Continue reading

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