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There Will Be Blood (Oranges) In My Salad

During the cold grey days of winter and even on cool wet spring days, oranges are a zesty reminder that somewhere, the sun is shining. Sadly, it hasn’t been a great year for citrus, either for price or flavor.  So … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Black Beans Worth Crowing About

For many years, I’ve been enjoying the black beans at one of my favorite restaurants, Centre Street Café.  They have a wonderful smoky flavor, but there was a certain something—a little kick—that I just couldn’t place. Recently, I learned the … Continue reading

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How to Make a Kickin’ Vegan Hoppin’ John

When the clock stroke midnight on New Year’s Eve, did you dive a spoon into a pot of Hoppin’ John so you’d have good luck in 2011? Don’t worry, I didn’t  either. But I made up for it today by … Continue reading

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A “Poached” Pair of Poached Pear Recipes

This week, I had the opportunity to “poach” a pair of poached pear recipes from two distinguished sources, chef Didi Emmons and Cook’s Illustrated. Michelle and I made the first poached pear recipe at a cooking class at Haley House, … Continue reading

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Cooking Up a CSF Feast with a Jody Adams Bluefish Recipe

Michelle and I spent six woman-hours last night cooking a delicious dinner featuring the bluefish from our final Community Supported Fishery (CSF) delivery for the August 2010 season. The six hours doesn’t include the time I spent trolling the aisles … Continue reading

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How to Make the World’s Best Crab Cakes

Michelle grew up in Baltimore, where they make the world’s best crab cakes.  I don’t let her order crab cakes anywhere besides “Bawlmore” or DC, because they never taste as good as the ones back home and her disappointment makes … Continue reading

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