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Wrap-up: Traceability is the New Black

As I wandered through the aisles of this year’s Seafood Expo North America, I was surprised but encouraged to see the word “traceable” displayed alongside the word “sustainable” on many booths.

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Supermarkets Increase Commitment to Seafood Sustainability

Few of the supermarkets that I shop at in Boston display adequate information about where their seafood products are from and how they are caught or raised. They don’t sell very many seafood products that I consider sustainable, and sometimes … Continue reading

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Meet, Slurp, Learn: The International Boston Seafood Show 2012

Making your way through the jammed aisles of the International Boston Seafood Show is like trying to swim laps in a hotel pool crowded with kids playing Marco Polo. Seafood buyers, distributors, wholesalers, processors, exporters, brokers and traders are everywhere, … Continue reading

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Swimming the Swim at the Seafood Show

I love seafood, so getting the chance to amble through the aisles of the International Boston Seafood Show, sampling one delicious treat after another, made me very happy—not to mention extremely full.  At times, I felt like I was at … Continue reading

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“Lazy” Shoppers Guide to Sustainable Shrimp

My post, “Is There Such a Thing as Guilt-Free Shrimp?”, in which I confessed to feeling guilty about eating shrimp, prompted a lot of comments on the blog and Facebook. Agrigirl Tammy, who’s based in Arizona and has a wonderful … Continue reading

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