The PescoVegetarian Times Wins Blogging Award!

Lobster on ice

I temporarily changed my Twitter avatar to this tasty-looking lobster while the show was running.

I’m happy to announce that The PescoVegetarian Times has just won an award for overall coverage of the International Boston Seafood Show 2012!

The IBSS was held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, March 11-13, 2012. It’s the largest seafood industry trade show in North America.  This year, there were over 1000 exhibitors, the most ever.

The 2nd Annual iPura Tweet & Blogfest at IBSS 2012 was sponsored by iPura, who offered the $1,000 prize for “Best Coverage.” iPura provides environmentally-friendly food safety services at seafood processing facilities.

GLOBALG.A.P., a private sector body that certifies agricultural products (including seafood), sponsored a 1,000 Euro prize for best coverage of “Seafood Sustainability,” which was awarded to Boston blogger Richard Auffrey of The Passionate Foodie. Congratulations to my worthy competitor!

In order to qualify, I had to attend the show for at least one of the three days and to tweet about IBSS 2012 at least five times.  Blog posts were judged on the basis of content, creativity/originality, depth, and quality and tweets were judged on the basis of content, sharability, and volume. They also awarded points for integrating other social media channels.

Since they offered bonus points for more volume, I did as much blogging and tweeting as I could in three days.  I posted 11 blog posts, including 2 photo galleries, and 2 videos (which I posted on YouTube).  Here’s my wrap-up video. In addition, the Jamaica Plain Patch cross-posted my article, Supermarkets Increase Commitment to Seafood Sustainability.

The post that was the hardest to write, but I’m most proud of, was Seven Things to Know About Farmed Fish. I still have huge concerns about farmed fish, but I learned that some types of farmed fish may actually be better for the environment and the producers than some types of wild fish. Given that half of the seafood consumed in the US is now farmed, I thought it was important to share a few basic facts about aquaculture.

The contest was judged by Fiona Robinson, the associate publisher/editor of the Seafood Business Magazine.

Full disclosure: As a blogging contestant, I received a media pass, which gave me free access to the exhibit hall and all the sessions. And like every attendee, I had access to delicious samples of seafood from all over the world. I didn’t think it was possible to get tired of eating wild Alaskan smoked salmon, but after my tenth or so taste, I was done.

That is, until next year’s International Seafood Show, March 10-12, 2013.


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  1. Rodney North says:

    Hi Myrna,
    Congratulations on the award!

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